Event Description

Hi. I'm @stuffmc, one of those ≈6000 Developers who happens to be in San Francisco every year in June for Apple's WWDC.

I've always been (badly) impressed by the amount of homeless in San Francisco and never knew how better than by dropping a dollar (or some food) I could help. A while ago I backed lavamae.org to make their dream of a Shower Bus comes true.

It then occurred to me that it would be awesome if we could spread the word about their amazing work, by having us visit their bus and - hey, if you feel like it - bring the homeless some food and/or donate some money to Lavamae.

Sure, WWDC is great and those Lunch Sessions are as well, but what if some of us would spend their time for those who weren't as lucky as we did? The least we can do is give some smile, respect, and help with the money we earn thanks to Apple.

More Information will be sent via E-mail beginning of the WWDC week but basically we would meet around 11:40 AM at the angle of Minna and 4th Street, outside the Moscone so everyone can join — and walk to the location. Those who want to be back for 12:30 might even be able to do so.

Other Details

  • Open to All