Event Description


The Second Annual Aero Adventure is an iBeacon scavenger hunt across a designated area around San Francisco near WWDC and AltConf 2015 that will engage players utilizing iBeacon™ and CoreBluetooth in order to solve a puzzle for cash!


The Aero Adventure will take place in a designated area within South of Market and Union Square.

Adventure beacons can be found easily using basic BLE apps and will be within the designated boundaries.

All beacons will be located outside in public spaces.

See the event website for boundary lines.


The Aero Adventure will run for 8 hours beginning @ Noon PDT Monday the 8th, 2015 and go until 8PM that night.

An exclusive Clue Card will be sent out Monday morning. Email adventure (at) discoveraero.com with subject 'Clue' to have a clue card sent to you when the adventure begins.

Winners will be drawn and announced via social media and a secret, yet to be revealed, venue @ 9PM Monday evening.


The Aero Adventure gives conference goers the opportunity to dabble with iBeacon, CoreBluetooth and micro-location with the intent of giving everyone a little exercise and taking in just a small part of what San Francisco offers.

Or if you prefer… because it's fun! Duh.

See event website for further rules, etc.



Other Details

  • Outdoors
  • Open to All