Event Description

San Francisco's famed Cartoon Art Museum (CAM) presents the fourth annual #NeXTEVNT fundraiser on Monday, June 8, 2015.

Hosted by longtime Objective-C hacker, Pixarian, and CAM board member (in order of seniority: 26 yrs, 22 yrs, 13 yrs) Dr. Michael B. Johnson, this lively evening will feature a number of special guests from back in the day, including former solidThinking developer and current VP of Tools at Pixar Guido Quaroni, a leading graphics dev from the NeXT and Apple days, and several others too shy to let us give out their names (some of whom might work at a local fruit company).

The event supports the Cartoon Art Museum, which is being forced to relocate this summer due to a huge rent increase. Your participation at #NeXTEVNT will help the museum in its efforts of finding a new location and continuing on with its exhibitions and programming. Ticket purchases and donations made by May 31 will also count toward the museum's annual Sparky Challenge, a $30,000 matching grant from the Charles M. and Jean Schulz Grant.

Guests will find a bunch of NeXTStations running NeXTSTEP 3.3 or OpenStep 4.2 (including a rare HP workstation) along with lots of third-party software from back in the day as well as the folks who wrote it. We've also heard rumors that there may be a VMware version of NeXTSTEP 3.3 and OpenStep 4.2, but we can neither confirm nor deny.

Other highlights include:

There will be a raffle with some interesting NeXT & Pixar items, only available to ticket holders&ldots;

Tickets & Event Info

Tickets are priced at $200 each, and include entry to the event, plus a personalized NeXTEVNT ID badge. The ID badge can help identify you amongst other NeXTEVNT guests, and will include your Twitter username (or first name if you prefer), and a small sentence describing a funny story about your experience with NeXT or fun fact.

This event starts at 4 p.m. to allow you plenty of time to enjoy the museum and chill before eating, drinking, and listening to our speakers. We want this event to be about hanging out and chatting, which is what we heard that folks most enjoyed last year.

Event Sponsorship

We’re looking for sponsors to help fund this event. The sponsorship will pay for the food & drink for the event, plus help sponsor some educational programs for kids. In return we’re offering 3 levels of sponsorship:

  1. Platinum – $2,000 (4 tickets & company logo printed on the ID badge (Front Side))
  2. Gold – $1,000 (2 tickets & large company logo printed on the ID badge (Back Side))
  3. Silver – $500 (1 ticket & small company logo printed on the ID badge (Back Side))

Tax Deductions

Please note that most of the ticket price for this event is tax deductible. You will receive an email from the museum with details you can use for tax purposes. The museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization. For a list of Bay Area companies that match employee contributions, click here.

About the Cartoon Art Museum

Founded in 1984, the Cartoon Art Museum is the only museum in the western United States dedicated to the collection, preservation, study and exhibition of original cartoon art in all forms. The museum was started by a group of creators and collectors who wanted to share their appreciation of this unique art form with the rest of the world.



Other Details

  • Party
  • Alcohol Available
  • Food Available
  • Ticket/RSVP Required